Purchase and use fire ant bait

Residents can treat fire ants on properties they own or manage.

close up fire ant holding IGR bait

Residents, schools, sports clubs, farmers, and operators of public spaces can treat their properties using fire ant bait.

When treating your own property, follow our tips for what to do:

Who can purchase and use bait

You can buy fire ant bait from local and online retailers and pest chemical suppliers. View the list of approved baits in our product guide.

Under the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019, residents, primary producers, and managers of public spaces can treat their property using fire ant bait or hire a licensed pest manager to do it for them. All other groups, including those in the building and development industry, should engage a pest manager to treat their business premises or worksite on their behalf.

Training for workplace sample certificate

If you engage a pest manager, we recommend you use a licensed pest manager who has completed our training. Ask them for documentation as proof they have completed this training.

Pest managers trained in fire ant treatment understand the most effective ways to manage fire ants and that they are required to report their treatment to us.

If you cannot treat the fire ants yourself, we will treat your property for you. Please note, program treatment is prioritised based on public need and risk.

Want to know which products are available for purchase and best suited for treating your property?

Before treatment

If you decide to treat a property you own or manage for fire ants, you should:

  • Check your property and determine the level of infestation—not all fire ant nests are visible above the ground.
  • Report any fire ant nests found by completing a suspect ant report form online or calling us on 13 25 23. This should be done within 24 hours.
  • Review the list of fire ant baits in our product guide and choose the one best suited to your situation.
  • Read and follow the instructions on the bait label and permit.

When to apply treatment

It is best to apply fire ant bait:

  • during the warmer months of the year (typically September to May) and early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Fire ants are less active during winter months and in high summer temperatures, meaning they do not seek food as often
  • to dry ground and more than 24 hours before forecast rain
  • multiple times, and within the time stated on the product label.

Treating fire ants in your backyard

Free online training is available to you

Online fire ant training courses are available 24/7 for residents who want to learn how to identify and treat fire ant infestations.

After treatment

To ensure bait has the best chance of working, be sure to do the following for 48 hours:

  • keep away from the treated area—this applies to humans and animals
  • do not water, mow, or disturb the area.

If the fire ant nest(s) are still active 12 weeks after treatment, we recommend you hire a pest manager, complete a suspect ant report online, or call us on 13 25 23.

Need to move soil, hay, mulch, or other organic materials? Check if fire ant biosecurity zones and material movement restrictions apply.