Access to my property

We need to access all properties and want to work with you to complete fire ant treatment at your home or workplace.

Fire ant eradication involves treating all targeted properties between September and June each year, whether you see signs of fire ants or not.

We need to treat 100% of properties in our planned treatment area multiple times over several years. We use a product that is safe for humans, livestock and pets. One missed nest could be the difference between reinfestation and further spread, jeopardising eradication efforts.

Unlocking a locked gate

If you live in a planned treatment area or fire ants have been found in your area, our officers will need to enter your yard or fly over your property to spread fire ant bait.

This may be required several times each year.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, our officers are legally authorised to complete fire ant treatment on targeted South East Queensland properties.

We will work with you to find a mutually convenient time to access your property to spread bait. Failure to provide access will not stop them from conducting treatment.

Our officers are easily identified by their uniform and identification. They will not need to enter your house or buildings. If officers cannot gain access to your property, they will leave a notice asking you make access available within a given timeframe.

Refusing entry for treatment

Under Section 261 of the Biosecurity Act 2014, we have the power to enter your property to complete activities related to fire ant treatment. This is because of the significant threat fire ants pose to the biosecurity of both Queensland and Australia.

Gaining access to all properties is essential to the success of eradicating fire ants. One missed nest is all that is needed to reinfest an entire community.

Under the Act, a person cannot refuse access or obstruct an officer exercising these powers of entry, or penalties will apply.

Complete a property information form if you have any access issues (locked gates, dogs etc) on your property.

Treatment continues during COVID-19 pandemic

We understand the health and safety of your family is important to you. To keep you safe and reduce the chance of additional strain on Queensland's health services from fire ant stings, we are continuing treatment with COVID-19 safe practices in place.

To keep you and our teams safe, we:

  • call ahead of site visits, whenever possible, so you know to expect us
  • stay 1.5m or greater away from you, and wear masks when we cannot maintain distance
  • deliver treatment on your property without needing personal or face-to-face contact
  • rearrange treatment on your property if you have COVID-19 or are awaiting test results.