Access to my property

We need to access all targeted properties to look for and treat fire ants, and are legally authorised to do so for the purpose of eradicating fire ants.

Eradication treatment is underway in parts of the Southern Downs, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and southern Gold Coast. Fire ant treatment is safe for humans and animals.

Unlocking a locked gate

If you are located in an area we are targeting as part of our Fire Ant Response Plan 2023–27, we will need access to your property.

Our field officers may need to complete fire ant treatment or containment activities, and may do so multiple times each year.

They will not need to enter your house or buildings.

Gaining access to all properties is essential to the success of eradicating fire ants.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, our field officers are legally authorised to access properties in Queensland for the purpose of eradicating fire ants.

We do not need your permission but will work with you to try and find a mutually convenient time to complete our important work.  Failure to provide access will not stop us from conducting treatment.

How to identify our field teams

Our field officers are easily identified by their uniform and identification.

If field officers cannot gain access to your property, they will leave a notice asking you make access available within a specific timeframe.

Refusing entry for treatment

Fire ants pose a significant threat to the biosecurity of both Queensland and Australia.

Under the Act, a person cannot refuse access or obstruct an officer exercising these powers of entry, or penalties will apply.

If required we will engage the Queensland Police so we can gain access to your property to conduct eradication activities.

Complete a property information form if you have any access issues such as locked gates, dogs and free range animals on your property.