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Working together

Eradicating fire ants will take a whole-of-community approach.

Every Australian has a role to play in protecting Australia and our way of life from fire ants.

Each week our team educates people about fire ants, how to identify them, their impacts, the important work we are doing and what simple steps you can take to stop fire ants in their tracks.

Upcoming engagement activities

Are you keen to see what fire ants look like or do you have questions about treatment? Or would you like to understand why it is vital that we eradicate fire ants? Come and see us at one of our scheduled community events.

We update and change this calendar regularly. If you are interested in coming to see us, we recommend that you review our engagements calendar on the morning of your planned visit.

Date and timeLocation Activity typeArea
9 April, 10–11am Cuppa in the Communi-Tea
Interactive display Scenic Rim
11 April, 9am–4pm The Pines Elanora Shopping Centre Interactive display Gold Coast
19 April, 9am–3pmKalbar Sunflower FestivalInteractive display Scenic Rim
20 April, 3.30–5.30pmGold Coast Titans home game
Cbus Super Stadium
Interactive display Gold Coast
20 April, 9am–1pmEmergency Services Expo
Samford Village
Interactive display Moreton Bay
21 April, 8am–1pmBeechmont MarketsInteractive display Gold Coast
26 April, 5.30–7.30pmCedar Creek Public HallInteractive display Moreton Bay
28 April, 8am–2pmBurleigh Heads Arts and Crafts MarketInteractive display Gold Coast

Community partnership groups

We recognise that we work best when we understand the areas where we are working.

Members of our community partnership groups work with us to design and implement strategies that will help engage local communities and encourage residents to help eradicate fire ants.

We currently have groups operating across our treatment areas, and we will add more as our Fire Ant Response Plan 2023–27 progresses.

Industry and government collaboration

We work closely with our industry stakeholders and all levels of government.

We regularly host workshops, meetings and briefings with these key partners to understand how we can unite in our efforts to eradicate fire ants.

These forums are essential for sharing critical program, cross-government and industry updates, and capturing valuable feedback.

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Communications and engagement dashboards

Our team works hard to educate the community and industry about what they can do to play an active role protecting Australia from fire ants.

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