Don't spread fire ants campaign

Human-assisted movement is one of the key ways fire ants can spread.

Fire ants crawling in a hay bale with a tractor in the background.

Our Don’t spread fire ants campaign helps educate people about the importance of following their legal obligations when working with organic materials.

The campaign will be targeted at industry operators and businesses working within or in close proximity to the fire ant biosecurity zones.

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You can download and use our promotional material freely. Use of our high-quality photos or videos requires the following credit.

Photo/video credit: National Fire Ant Eradication Program

The following resources are available on this page:


Moving soil? Fire ants have other plans—landscape video

Run time—00:15

Video format—MP4


Don’t spread fire ants for building and development industry – A5 brochure

PDF, 3.48MB

Don’t spread fire ants for primary producers – A5 brochure

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Moving soil? – A3 Poster

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Moving hay? – A3 Poster

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Email signature

Moving soil? Don’t spread fire ants – email signature

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Moving hay? Don’t spread fire ants – email signature

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Newsletter article

Draft Don’t spread fire ants article for newsletters

Download this document to easily add information on the importance of reducing the risk of spreading fire ants when working with organic materials to your next newsletter.

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Social media

Don’t spread fire ants – social media posts and imagery

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