Moving materials intra and interstate

Fire ant biosecurity zones affect the movements of organic materials within and outside of Queensland.

Soil, manure, mulch, hay, farm, field, building site.

Fire ant biosecurity zones are in place in parts of Queensland to stop the 'human-assisted' movement of materials that can carry fire ants unless risk mitigation measures are followed.

Materials such as soil, hay, mulch, manure, quarry materials, turf and potted plants have restriction for movements within and outside of Queensland.

Moving materials in Queensland

These laws apply to anybody who lives or works in a fire ant biosecurity zone. If you buy or sell materials that may carry fire ants, you are legally required to follow the procedures outlined in the Biosecurity Regulation 2016 before moving it offsite.

These procedures help reduce your risk of spreading fire ants and ensure you meet your general biosecurity obligation.

If you are unable to follow the regulation, you must apply for a biosecurity instrument permit.

Find out about your requirements by checking our:

Moving materials interstate

Interstate market restrictions are in place for the movement of plants and plant products from Queensland and across the border. You must check the movement restrictions in place for the destination state before moving any products.

View the restricted market access map and find out if you need a biosecurity certificate.

Certificates issued by interstate authorities or under Interstate Certification Assurance (ICA) arrangements meet Queensland's entry requirements.