Disposing of fire ant infested waste

What to do when moving materials to a waste facility.

Stapylon waste facility

Some waste facilities located in fire ant biosecurity zones across South East Queensland can lawfully accept materials that can carry fire ants. Others cannot.

Before transporting materials, please contact the waste facility to discuss specific rules, including pre-entry requirements and opening hours.

Restrictions when moving material that can carry fire ants to a waste facility

If you are moving materials that can carry fire ants to a waste facility, the following zone restrictions apply:

  • material from zone 1 can be moved to a waste facility in zone 1 or 2 without a biosecurity instrument permit
  • material from zone 2 can only be moved to a waste facility within zone 2, unless you have a biosecurity instrument permit.

Check our interactive map to check if you are in a fire ant biosecurity zone.

Use our material movement advice tool to find out what requirements apply to you.

See where waste facilities are in Queensland. Please make sure you contact them first to ask if they accept fire ant contaminated waste.

map of waste disposal facilities in Queensland