Engage a pest manager

Licensed pest managers can treat fire ants on public or private property.

pest manager training next to road side

Hundreds of pest managers are trained to correctly treat fire ants on residential and commercial properties in Queensland.

Licensed pest managers including commercial operators and those employed by industry can treat properties using both fire ant bait and liquid insecticide via direct nest injection.

If you choose to hire a pest manager to treat your property for fire ants, we recommend you ask to see proof they completed our fire ant training. All pest managers are required to report any fire ant treatment they conduct and can do so on our online portal.

pest manager training in open grass field

Pest managers will charge a fee for their service and prices may vary. We suggest you seek quotes before hiring anyone.

If you cannot treat the fire ants yourself, our treatment team can treat your property. Please note, treatment is prioritised based on public need and risk.

Fire ant training is available for licensed pest managers who want to learn how to treat the pest.