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Residents in eligible Ipswich suburbs can receive FREE fire ant bait to treat their property.

Caucasian man's foot standing on a fire ant nest in South East Queensland

The treatment requires 2 rounds of bait which residents will receive in the mail in both November and February next year.

Round 1 has closed. If you register between now and early next year, you will receive bait only in the second round in February.

See the full list of eligible suburbs below or by clicking on the register button.

Please report any suspect ants or nests on your property before you register.

Register for FREE fire ant bait today!

Experiencing issues or need assistance completing your registration? Contact us on our online form or by calling 13 25 23.

What suburbs are eligible?

AmberleyDeebing HeightsMoores PocketSadliers Crossing
Augustine HeightsDinmoreMount MarrowSilkstone
Barellan PointEast IpswichMuirleaSouth Ripley
Basin PocketEastern HeightsNew ChumSpring Mountain
Bellbird ParkEbbw ValeNewtownSpringfield
BlacksoilFlinders ViewNorth BoovalSpringfield Central
BlackstoneGailesNorth IpswichSpringfield Lakes
BoovalGoodnaNorth TivoliSwanbank
BrassallHaigsleaOne MileThagoona
BrookwaterIpswichPine MountainTivoli
CamiraJeebropillyRedbankWest Ipswich
Carole ParkKaraleeRedbank PlainsWhite Rock
Coalfalls  Yamanto 
Collingwood Park  

Why are only certain suburbs eligible?

Suburbs were selected based on factors including the number of fire ants that have been reported, fire ant treatment already completed and upcoming planned activities for the area.

I found fire ants in my yard but my suburb isn’t eligible. What should I do?

Report fire ants

Report fire ants as soon as you see them.

Report them online or call 13 25 23.  It is best to treat fire ants early to stop them from building more nests on your property or spreading further. Find out more about home treatment options.

Find out more

Fire ants have been found in Ipswich, including the Springfield and Ripley areas. Fire ants are extremely aggressive with very painful stings that can cause a severe burning or fiery sensation, swelling, redness and even life-threatening allergic reactions. Fire ants could devastate our environment, economy and outdoor way of life. Together we can eradicate them and protect our Australian lifestyle.

Nothing! The bait and postage are free.

Register to receive free fire ant bait to use on your property.

Round 1 of the initiative is now closed. If you want to participate in Round 2 you can register to receive free bait in February 2023.

Once your bait arrives, read the instructions, or watch the application video, and simply sprinkle it on your yard.

The bait is made from small pieces of corn grit and either an insect growth regulator alone, or an insect growth regulator with fast acting insecticide. The bait is safe to use and is not harmful to humans, pets or wildlife. We will send you the bait most appropriate for your area.

Please follow the instructions on the label, as there could be restrictions on its use that apply to your individual circumstances.

Detailed application instructions are available for the insect growth regulator and the insect growth regulator with fast acting insecticide, and you can view the video below.

Fire ants are quite small, so they may be on your property without you knowing it. Even if you don’t have fire ants, you should register and treat your yard to prevent them moving in.

Tenants are welcome to participate. If you rent a property that has a body corporate (such as apartments or units), it is best to check with your property manager first.

Register for FREE fire ant bait today!

How to apply bait