Direct nest injection

This type of treatment quickly kills fire ant nests.

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Direct nest injection (DNI) is used by our treatment team and pest control operators.

It involves flooding fire ant nests and ant tunnels with an approved insecticide called fipronil.

Only licensed pest managers are authorised to use fipronil to treat fire ants.

We often use DNI to treat fire ant nests where there is a risk to public or animal safety, or they need to be destroyed quickly.

Fipronil is the only product approved for the DNI treatment of fire ants and is often used to control termites. It is effective at very low application rates—25mL to 100L of water. Fipronil is odourless and affects ants immediately, with most ants dying within several days.

After treatment

For DNI treatment to have the best chance of success, it is important:

  • the ground remains undisturbed and is not watered for 48 hours.
  • a 1m area around each mound remains undisturbed for at least 7 days.
  • do not mow, dig, water, or lay new turf in the area around the mound.

You can enter the treated area 24 hours after DNI. Untreated areas of your property or work site may continue to operate as normal.

Don’t spread fire ants

Do you produce, store, or move soil, hay, mulch, or other organic materials? Fire ant biosecurity zones and material movement restrictions may apply.