Fish and aquatic life

Fire ant baits are considered safe for humans and most animals. The bait used to treat fire ants is specifically targeted to kill ants.

Fish swarming around food pellets in water

All fire ant treatments are approved under strict permit conditions and thorough investigation by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

As pyriproxyfen (Distance) is harmful to aquatic life, it cannot be delivered by hand spreader within 8m of a natural waterway.

Instead, we use baits containing s-methoprene (Engage) near waterways. S-methoprene is reported to be significantly less toxic to aquatic invertebrates than pyriproxyfen. This product is safe to use over water bodies up to 1.5m from each bank during aerial application.

If fish tanks or ponds in your backyard are above ground level, there is little risk of the water being contaminated by bait during physical application.

Our staff are aware of the ecotoxicological properties of the baits and are trained to apply them appropriately. If you are concerned, you can cover the ponds with a tarp while the bait is being distributed to prevent it from entering the water.

Please contact us to discuss any concerns you have so that we can adjust bait distribution accordingly.

It is important to tell us if you have ponds, dams or other water sources on your property