Wildlife, including birds, lizards and small fauna

Fire ant baits are considered safe for humans and most animals. The bait used to treat fire ants is specifically targeted to kill ants

Lizard on a log

It is highly unlikely that birds, lizards, and small mammals would be negatively impacted by our eradication bait treatment.

We apply bait in very low concentrations.

Bait granules are designed to sink deep into the grass where the ants can access them.

It is unlikely that birds and other wildlife could find or consume enough bait to cause harm.

Fire ant threats to wildlife

The presence of fire ants is a significant threat to wildlife.

Fire ants have a devastating impact on wildlife and the environment in countries where they are prevalent. They predate on eggs, hatchlings, and young, particularly those that are ground-nesting.

In addition to disrupting nesting and killing young, adults may be displaced from their nests. They may be unable to secure sufficient food resources and sustain injury from being attacked by fire ants.

The presence of fire ants is a much greater threat to these animals than the bait treatment used to eradicate this invasive pest.